Determination. Practice. Routine.
Answer the bell and your life will change .
ATB is a movement to push yourself to the next level .
Answer the Corporate Bell
See why Fortune 500 Companies have been partnering with champion Paul Vaden to motivate their teams to answer the bell . . .
Dreams take all forms
"Since four-years-old I've wanted to be a world champion"

About ATB

Paul Vaden's message is universal: Answer the Bell. This message uplifts, inspires and most of all conditions professionals in every scenario to strive for excellence in business, life and physical health.


As a champion, Paul Vaden's life has been dedicated to the conditioning of his body, mind and spirit to excellence in life. The program challenges and inspires clients to always press themselves to reach the next higher level and to Answer the Bell in every endeavor.

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Vaden's "Answer the Bell" program gives people specific recipes for managing stress and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


Champion's Camp: July 26, 2013 - Paul Vaden Lecture

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Paul Vaden Speaks About His Book Answer The Bell

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Scott & BR Xtra Sports 1090 AM Interview

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“I know from experience training in and out of the ring that all it takes is for someone to realize they possess the ability to persevere and not look back. Anything is possible once that realization occurs. That’s what ATB is all about.”